Example survey (Question types)
We would like to show some questions types you can use in your survey. Please take a moment to complete this small survey to see them.
ONE RESPONSE: The respondent has to choose ONLY ONE OPTION from the proposed answers.
1. How long have you been using our service?

ONE RESPONSE THAT ACTIVATES A DYNAMIC QUESTION: It is a question that is only displayed as a result of a previous response from the respondent. Select different answers and you will see how the hidden question is displayed.
2. Did you have any problems when using our service?
Were you satisfied with the solution of those problems?
There is also PAGE LOGIC functionality. You can set conditions based on the answers to different questions, including from different pages.

SEVERAL RESPONSES: The respondent can choose MORE THAN ONE OPTION from the proposed responses. Additionally, you can request the respondent to ORDER the responses from the most to least important.
3. Which of the following aspects from our service attract you more? Select a maximum of 4 responses and order them from most to least importance.  
    VIDEOS, IMAGES, HTML AND LINKS: You can include videos, images, html and links associated to any question or in any part of the questionnaire.
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